The Kelly Foundation is a non-profit (501c3) corporation committed exclusively to the service of substance abuse education and treatment. Foundation funds are used for development, production, and distribution of educational materials and training aids for counselors as well as for individuals in recovery; supporting treatment centers, and informing the public about the treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse.

Joe McQuany was the founder of Serenity Park, Inc. and Kelly Foundation, Inc. in Little Rock, Arkansas. For over forty years Joe devoted himself to helping others discover the joy of recovery through the program found in the original Twelve Steps.

In 1972 Joe began development of Recovery Dynamics® through teaching the principles of the Twelve Steps at Serenity House, Inc. (now known as Serenity Park, Inc.) The impressive rate of recovery at Serenity House led to a great demand from treatment facilities wanting to replicate Joe’s program. In 1977 the first edition of Recovery Dynamics® was copyrighted and Kelly Foundation was incorporated in 1978 to help other facilities implement the Recovery Dynamics Model. The establishment of Kelly Foundation allowed Serenity House to keep its focus on the direct treatment of individuals who desired to recover from addiction. Serenity House has, Inc. (Serenity Park) has treated over 50,000 clients since its inception in 1971. Kelly Foundation has assisted over 500 facilities across the United States and in 8 foreign countries since 1978.

Joe’s death in 2007 was felt around the world and while he is missed by millions, his life’s work is carried on through the Kelly Foundation. Thousands of people who suffer from addiction receive help through Recovery Dynamics® each day. To help keep Joe’s mission alive click here to support Kelly Foundation.

The Recovery Dynamics Treatment Model is currently offered in over 30 certified facilities worldwide. (Please see Certified Recovery Dynamics Facilities.) Please contact Maggie Chafin at 800.245.6428 for information on becoming a Certified Recovery Dynamics Facility or submit an Initial Request Form to us by e-mail http://www.kellyadm@kellyfdn.com or Fax 501.663.6577.